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Columbine High 911 Call from teacher Patricia Nielson (cut)

Dispatcher: Jefferson County 911.

Patti: Yes. I am a teacher at Columbine High School. There is a student here with a gun. He has shot out a window.

Dispatcher: Columbine High School.

Patti: Um.. I don’t know if it’s.. I don’t know what’s in my shoulder.. if it was just some glass he threw or what.

Dispatcher: Okay.

Dispatcher: Has anyone been injured, ma’am?

Patti: Yes! Yes!

Dispatcher: Okay.

Patti: .. and the school is in a panic and I’m in the library. I’ve got— Students down, under the tables, kids!! Heads down under the tables!! Um, kids are screaming, the teachers, um, are, y’know, trying to take control of things. We need police here…

Dispatcher: OK, we’re getting them there.

Patti: Can you please hurry?

Dispatcher: Who is the student, ma’am?

Patti: I do not know who the student is.

Dispatcher: Okay.

Patti: I saw a student outside, I was in the hall— [sound of shots being fired out in the hall; Patti begins to panic] Oh, dear God! Okay! I was on hall duty, I saw a gun. I said “What’s going on out there?” And the kid that was following me said it was a film production, probably a joke, and I said and I went walking outside to see what was going on. He pointed the gun straight at us and shot and, my God, the window went out and the kid standing there with me, I think he got hit.

Dispatcher: Okay.

Patti: [whispering] Oh, God. I’m really… frightened. [More shots, extremely close] I think he’s in the library.

Dispatcher: What’s your name, ma’am?

Patti: [whispering] My name is Patti.

Dispatcher: Patti?

Patti: [whispering] He’s yelling “Everybody get up” right now. [More shots] He’s in the library. He’s shooting at everybody.

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